HT-2101 Electro-Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machines

With wide range of function and application, suitable for research, inspection, testing for the field of metal, rubber, plastic, leather, cable and wire, textile, fiber, paper, PE, construction materials, electric appliance, petrochemical, transportation, automobile, package, polymer, aerospace...etc.

Conforming to many international standards like ASTM E4, ASTM E8-04, GB/T 232-2010, GB/T 7314-2005, ISO 7500-1-2004, DIN 5122, GB/T 16826-2008, GB/T 228-2010, JJG139-1999, JIS Z22410-1998, EN1002-2, JIS B7721 / B 7733, ISO-6892-1 2009 (E), CNS 9471 / 9470.

Close-loop fuzzy servo control match high precision servo valve.

Large front open gate, easy maintenance.

High quality steel plate, well-design, protect oil tubes and cables, let operator use conveniently and safely.

High comprehensive software application, control machines, data base and results storages and convent print testing results as report

Quality control, raw material inspection, quality warranty, production inspection, foundational study, material testing, application study, force application study.

Functions & Features

  • High Precision, High Stiffness Structure.
    FDC55 high strength casting material, driving screws and high stiffness axle materials, strong structure, high stability, long durability. Hydraulic system adopts high efficiency pump and high conversational servo valve, with excellent filtration. Cooling system matches special oil tank makes operations safe, stable and precise.
  • High Accuracy, Super Control Ability
    Adapt high accuracy loadcell, accuracy of load reach ± 0.005 %, with stable load induction, high accuracy, high stability. No gap shaft production procedure. Force Accuracy reaches first class, ± 0.5 class, displacement resolution up to ± 0.5, conform the international testing standard.
  • High Efficiency, Easy Operation
    High accuracy motor, transfer force stability, durability and safety, remote control convenient, crosshead adjustment safety.
  • Standardization, Modularization
    Standardized jaw holder specification, available to replace economic, convenient and speedy, Mechanical hydraulic grips easy and convenient to interchange, available for compression, bending and shear.
  • Multi-Function, High Performance
    Multi-Purpose Application test program, available to test various material and products, for conducting tensile testing, compression, shear, peeling and displacement measurement, and also available to be equipped with high/low temperature equipment for environmental testing.

High Precision, High Stiffness Structure

  • Method Unit :
    a. Computer Servo hydraulic system ( equipped : Standard computer set, LCD monitor, Color inkjet printer )
    b. Load signal from high precision loadcell
    c. Displacement signal from high sensor device.
    d. Signal processed and amplified by low-noise high linearity electronics.
    e. Accuracy rate : within ± 1 %, Force resolution rate:1/200000 above
  • Accuracy of load : ± 1 %
  • Setting of testing parameters : database modularized.
  • Real time display for various kinds of graphs available :
    a. Load-Displacement
    b. Load-Time
    c. Displacement –Time
    d. Stress – Strain
    e. Load-Extensometer
  • Control Model :
    a. Fixed Displacement
    b. Fixed Velocity
    c. Fixed Load
    d. Constant load Speed
    e. Constant Strain Speed
    f. Constant Stress Speed
    g. Constant Stress transfer to Strain.
  • Setting of testing parameters : database modularized.
  • Display of testing parameter:
    value and real-time curve ( load, stroke or elongation available to be displayed and automatically detect yield point and switched by computer..)

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